(a) In these conditions:-

Supplier, ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Tropic Maine (a division of Tropic X Maldives Pvt Ltd)  ‘Customer’ means the other party to the contract;

 ‘Product(s)’ means tropical marine fish supplied by the Tropic Marine under the contract, ‘Product Code’ refers to the code in the price list and in the catalogue.

Product catalogue’ means the Catalogue of fishes prepared by the Tropic Marine.

Price list’ means the prices list provided by the Tropic Marine with product code and the price for each fish that we supply

Services’ means services supplied by the Tropic Maldives under the contract;

Freight charge’ means the total freight charge for the shipment and quoted to the destination airport. Freight charges are based on the actual charge from the airline and freight forwarder which we shall not consider as our profit. The airline reserves the right to change the charge.

Handling charge’ means the cost of handling the shipment from Tropic Marine aquariums to the airport of the origin (Male’ International Airport).

Packing charge’ means the cost of materials used to pack the shipment. Packing is provided at cost price.

 ‘Total Contract Price’ means the aggregate price of all products, services, handling charge, packing charge to be supplied by the Tropic Marine under the contract excluding any tax, handling charge at the destination airport and any other costs.


Prices of our products are quoted in the price list. The prices quoted in the price list are for a one unit of fish. The currency of the quoted price is in United States Dollar (US$). The prices quoted are FOB point of origin. The supplier will deliver the shipment to the courier provided the customer has paid all the charges.


A quotation by the supplier is an invitation to the customer. If the customer wishes to proceed, the customer must make a written offer using the same reference as on the quotation, within the validity period of the quotation. The supplier may then accept such offer at which point a contract exists between the supplier and the customer. Until the supplier accepts the customer’s offer, there is no contract.


An order shall be place using the order pro-forma provided by the Tropic Marine.  The order shall state the Product Code, scientific name, size and quantity. The minimum order the supplier shall ship is 10 boxes and with a minimum price value of US600.00 excluding charges. When the customer places an order for the fishes, the supplier shall send a Pro Forma Invoice with a summary of customers order and the total amount due.


Customers who have not dealt with Tropic Marine before must pay full invoice amount before the order can be shipped. Regular customers shall pay 85% deposit of the fish value and all the charges by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) to our account, before the order is shipped. We reserved the right request the full payment in advance.


All specimens are packed in pressurised oxygenated double plastics bags. The bags are packed in polystyrolfoam boxes with approximate dimensions 44x39x34cm or 60x45x29cm. There will be a charge for packing and material.


Tropic Marine handles the shipment from the aquarium to the airport. There will be a fixed charge for each shipment. This covers transport and handling to the Male’ International Airport where the shipment will be loaded to the airline.


Our fishes are well quarantined in our tanks for four days and if there any Death On Arrival (DOA), it has to be informed to us within 24 hours from the date and time of receipt of the shipment.  The DOA should include a digital image of the fish and list of names with quantities, including common name and scientific name. We will replace dead fish on the next order (excluding cost of shipping, packing charges) or will be a credit by money.

Any mortality happened as a result of flight delay or misconnection flight shall be informed to Tropic Marine with a signed receipt by one of the cargo officer as witness from the airline. For such incidents beyond our control, the loss shall be shared between customer and supplier equally. This excludes shipping and freight charges.


Tropic Marine will ship the order between 6 and 9 days of clearance of funds. Airway Bill Number, packing list and other relevant documents will be sent to the customer once the shipment is handed over to the courier.


Tropic Marine is only liable to loss or damage of the shipment while the shipment is in the care of us. Our liability ends when the shipment is handed over to the shipping agent or airline in the Male’ International Airport.