Labridae -Wrasse

Wrasse belongs to the family of Labridae. The are commonly found in Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Protrusible mouth. The size, shape and color are diversified depending on the species. Most species are sand burrowers; carnivores on benthic invertebrates; also planktivores, and some small species remove ectoparasites of larger fishes.

Most species change color and sex with growth, from an initial phase (IP) of both males and females, the latter is able to change sex into an often brilliantly colored terminal male phase (TP). Males dominate several females; all Indo-Pacific species are pelagic spawners. Most species do well in aquariums, and young Coris are particularly popular. Maximum length about 2.3 m, many are less than 15 cm, the shortest being 4.5 cm. Medium to large species are important food fishes.

The family Labridae belongs to the Class Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) and the Order Perciformes. It contains 60 genera and 500 species. Many members of this family are popular in the aquarium trade.

Common NameScientific Name
Splended Leopard/Vermiculite Wrasse (Female)Macropharyngodon bipartitus
Splended Leopard/Vermiculite Wrasse (Male)Macropharyngodon bipartitus
Lemon Meringue/Whitebelly  WrasseHalichoeres leucoxanthus/chrysus
White/Threespot WrasseHalichoeres Trispilus
Dusky/Saddled RainbowfishHalichoeres marginatus 
Zigzag/Brownbanded Wrasse Halichoeres scapularis 
Nebulous Wrasse/Saddled RainmbowfishHalichoeres nebulosus 
Bluespotted/Green Wrasse Anampses caeruleopunctatus
Speckled/Spotted wrasse   Anampses meleagrides   
Lined WrasseAnampses lineatus   
Indian Ocean Pinstriped/Vroliks Wrasse Halichoeres vrolikii/melanurus
Adorned Wrasse (Female) Halichoeres  Cosmetus
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse/CleanerfishLabroides Dimidiatus
Bicolour Cleaner Wrasse, Bicolor Cleanerfish Labroides bicolour     
Green Birdmouth/Bird Wrasse (Male)Gomphosus caeruleus
Green Birdmouth/Bird Wrasse, (Female)Gomphosus caeruleus
Two-tone/Bluntheaded Wrasse Thalassoma  amblycephalum  
Sixbar Wrasse, ParrotfishThalassoma hardwicke
Moon WrasseThalassoma lunare
Fivestripe/Red-ribbon WrasseThalassoma quinquevittatum
Jansen’s Wrasse  Thalassoma jansenii  
Exquisite Wrasse (Female)Cirrhilabrus  exquisitus
Exquisite Wrasse (Male)Cirrhilabrus  exquisitus
Red Velvet/Rosy-scales Fairy Wrasse (Female)Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis
Red Velvet/Rosy-scales Fairy Wrasse (Male)Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis
McCosker’s/Flasher WrasseParacheilinus  mccoskeri
Six-line/Sixstripe WrassePseudocheilinus hexataenia
Coral Hogfish, Axilspot hogfishBodianus axillaris
Diana’s/Indian Diana’s Hogfish (Adult)Bodianus Diana
Diana’s/Indian Diana’s Hogfish (Juvenile)Bodianus Diana
Yellow HogfishBodianus bimaculatus
Blacksaddle HogfishBodianus bilunulatus
African Clown Wrasse, African coris (Adult)Coris cuvieri
African Clown Wrasse, African coris (Juvenile)Coris cuvieri
Dragon/Reindeer/Rockmover Wrasse (Adult)Novaculichthys taeniourus
Dragon/Reindeer/Rockmover Wrasse (Juvenile)Novaculichthys taeniourus
Queen/Red White Wrasse, (Adult)Coris Formosa, Coris frerei
Queen/Red White Wrasse (Juvenile)Coris Formosa, Coris frerei 
Bluelined/Scarletbanded RibbonfishStethojulis albovittata   
Blackedge Thicklip WrasseHemigymnus melapterus

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