Labridae -Wrasse

Wrasse belongs to the family of Labridae. The are commonly found in Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Protrusible mouth. The size, shape and color are diversified depending on the species. Most species are sand burrowers; carnivores on benthic invertebrates; also planktivores, and some small species remove ectoparasites of larger fishes. [...]

Balistidae – Triggerfish

Triggerfish belong to the family of Balistidae. There are about 40 species in this family and they are brightly coloured.  Triggerfish are commonly found in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. They have a compressed body and pelvic fins are fused to one spine. Upper jaw usually with four teeth in [...]

Haemulidae – Sweetlip

Sweetlips belong to the family of Haemulidae. They are classified in the genus Plectorhinchus, and the Grunts that are available in the aquarium trade are classified in the genus Anisotremus. Sweetlips are closely related to Snappers. Sweetlips species get their name from their large, fleshy lips. Most Sweetlips are found [...]

Acanthuridae – Surgeonfishes Tangs

Tangs or Surgeonfish belong to the family of Acanthuridae. They are classified into six genera which include Acanthurus, Paracanthurus, Ctenochaetus, Naso, Zebrasoma, and Prionurus. Tangs are usually referred to as Surgeonfish or Doctorfish. They can be identified by their characteristic spine or spines on the side of their bodies near [...]