Tropic Marine

Angel Fish - Marine Fish Exporter

Tropic Marine is a trading name of Tropic X Maldives Pvt Ltd, which is domicile in the Maldives. The primary activity of Tropic Marine includes exporting tropical marine aquarium fish to international whole sellers and aquarium businesses.

With experience in marine aquarium fish harvesting and exporting, Ali Shiyaz (a scuba diver himself) with his family members established Tropic Marine aquarium facility in Gulhi with just a few holding tanks in 2003.

After Tropic X Maldives Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2006 the aquarium operation is run under the company. Now we operate one of the well established and managed marine aquarium fish export facilities in the Maldives. We have been exporting marine aquarium fish for 19 years.

We export a wide varieties of marine tropical fish to countries in Asia, America and Europe. We have business relationships with clients from Sri Lanka, Canada, Japan, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea etc.

We have limited stock as we collect fish for firm orders. This is our policy of being a responsible live fish harvester and minimise unnecessary stock depletion. We always collect fish for existing orders as we use sustainable and environment friendly methods of fishing. Our divers catch fish individually using hand nets.

Maldives is a signatory (member) to CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).