Serranidae – Anthias Basslet

Anthias are found in tropical and temperate oceans. Some enter freshwater. Operculum bearing 3 spines – a main spine with one below and one above it. Lateral line is complete and continuous, not reaching onto caudal fin (lacking in one species). Dorsal fin may be notched, with 7-12 spines. Three spines on anal fin. Caudal fin is usually rounded, truncate, or lunate; rarely forked. Tip of maxilla exposed even with mouth closed.

Anthiinae are mostly small colourful planktivores feeding primarily on tiny crustaceans and fish eggs. They change sex from females to a few dominant males. Anthias can vivid red, pink, orange, or yellow, and the largest species reach 29 cm (11 in) in length.

At Tropic Marine we collect different species of Anthias.

Common NameScientific Name
Threadfin Anthias/Carberry Anthias (F)Nemanthias carberryi     
Threadfin Anthias/Carberry Anthias (M)Nemanthias carberryi  
Twinspot Anthias/Bimaculatus Anthias (M)Pseudanthias bimaculatus
Twinspot Anthias/Bimaculatus Anthias (F)Pseudanthias bimaculatus
Evansi Anthias/Yellow-tail Basslet (M)Pseudanthias evansi
Evansi Anthias/Yellow-tail Basslet (F) Pseudanthias evansi
Flame Anthias/Flame BassletPseudanthias ignitus
Flame Anthias/Flame BassletPseudanthias ignites
Parvirostris Anthias/Shortsnout Anthias (Male)Pseudanthias parvirostris
Parvirostris Anthias/Shortsnout Anthias (F)Pseudanthias parvirostris
Resplendent Basslet/Resplendent Goldie (M)Pseudanthias pulcherrimus
Resplendent Basslet/Resplendent Goldie (F)Pseudanthias pulcherrimus
Scalefin Anthias/Orange Basslet (Male) Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Scalefin Anthias/Orange Basslet (Female)Pseudanthias squamipinnis
Pink Basslet/Truncate Fairy BassletPseudanthias truncatus
Tricolor Anthias/Silver-streak goldiePseudanthias kashiwae
Pink Basslet/Stocky Anthias (Male)Pseudanthias hypselosoma
Pink Basslet/Stocky AnthiasPseudanthias hypselosoma
Bicolour AnthiasMirolabrichthys bicolour

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