Frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered.

  1. What fish species do you supply?
    We supply tropical marine fish (for aquarium and ornamental use) available from the Maldives. The species we supply are on our catalogue.
  1. Can you supply any number of quantities and sizes of the fish on your list?
    The species which are bountiful can be supplied in large quantities. We are not able to supply large quantities of some species as we get limited number at a given time. Depending on the season and time period we may find difficulty in obtaining certain sizes and species. We let our customers know in advance what species can be supplied and when.
  1. How large should an order be, for you to supply?
    We do supply smaller orders. Please get in touch with us about your requirement so we can assess the order.
  1. Do you supply to retailers?
    Yes we do.
  1. How is air freight charged?
    Air freight is directly charge to us by the airline. Depending on the weight of the shipment/order (500+ kg) the airlines offer competitive cheaper rates. We charge what the airline charge us to the customers. When you send the request for price list, please mention the destination airport.
  1. Why do you ask the payment to be made in advance?
    Almost all of our customers are international firms or sole traders. Therefore it is difficult for us to check the credit worthiness and reliability of every customer. Any funds we collect from a customer are held on trust until the shipment is supplied.  For established customers we consider supplying fish on credit (7 days’ payment terms) at our discretion. 
  1. What happens if the quantity supplied is less than the amount I have paid for the order (on estimate invoice)?
    Any over payment will be adjusted in the next proceeding order when we produce the estimated invoice. If the customer requests we can also transfer the balance amount to their bank account.
  1. When do I have to send the death-on-arrival (DOA) list?
    Customers are required to send a list of death-on-arrival (DOA) fish within 24hrs of shipment landing in the destination airport. The list should be sent with a digital image of the fish via email.
  1. Do you use any chemicals to catch or harvest fish?
    We do not use any chemicals to catch fish. All the fish are caught individually using hand nets. In fact Maldives government has banned any harmful means.
  1. How do I make an order?
    We supply a Microsoft Excel file where you can enter quantities that you would like to order. Then we check your order and decide what species and quantities can be supplied. At this point we prepare an estimated invoice to which the customer has to make an advance payment.
  1. Do you supply corals and rocks?
    It is illegal (prohibited) to export corals and rocks from the Maldives. We can supply anemone (soft corals). 
  1. What are the documents you supply?
    We supply all the required documents including Health Certificate (Vet form) for our shipments.  If there is any special requirement form a particular jurisdiction or customs authority please do let us know.
  1. Do I get Airway Bill Number (AWB) number in advance?
    Yes. As soon as we get confirmation from the airline we email the AWB number to the customer.
  1. When do I get copies of all the documents?
    Normally we send the copies of all the documents once the shipment is customs checked and boarded to the airline.  We send all the originals with the shipment and document copies either by email or via fax.
  1. Do you give any discounts?
    Yes. We do offer discounts depending on the frequency and size of the order.
  1. Do all orders get delivered on schedules?
    We normally endeavour to deliver the orders on schedule. But on occasions we may be forced to delay the shipment because of the factors beyond our control. Such as bad weather, unsuccessful dives and seasons can have impact on harvesting.
  1. What are your supply terms?
    Please send an email to info@tropicxmaldives.com, with information on destination airport and country. We will send you the price list, catalogues and our supply terms via email.