Pomacentridae – Damselfish, Anemonefish

Damselfish belongs to the Pomacentridae family. Most available fish belong to one of the following genera: Abudefduf, Dascyllus, Chromis, Chrysiptera, Paraglyphidon, Pomacentrus, and Stegastes. They are closely related to Clownfish, which are also a member of the Pomacentridae family. Damselfish are found throughout the world, and are almost always associated with coral reefs. The average size of most Damsels in an aquarium is around two inches, but in the wild the largest member of this family reaches over 14 inches.

Damselfish are often used to break in or cycle a new aquarium. It is important to remember that even though these fish are hardy and can handle the adverse conditions of a new aquarium, they may become quite hostile among themselves, and toward other tank mates. Most of these fish stay in small shoals in the wild when young, breaking away from the group as they grow, and eventually become solitary as adults. Damselfish does well in an aquarium in groups of the same species.

In Damselfish family, no significant markings or distinguishing characteristics differentiate females from males. The male Damsel is usually responsible for the care and protection of the eggs after the fish have spawned.

Common NameScientific Name
Anemonefish, Yellowtail clownfishAmphiprion clarkii
Maldive anemonefishAmphiprion nigripes
Whitetail dascyllus, Humbug DamselDascyllus aruanus
Cloudy dascyllus, Indian HumbugDascyllus carneus
Threespot dascyllus, Threespot HumbugDascyllus trimaculatus
Chocolatedip chromis, Two tone pullerChromis dimidiata
Surge damselfishChrysiptera brownriggii
Indian damselPomacentrus indicus
Caerulean damsel, Blue yellow damselPomacentrus caeruleus
Philippine damselPomacentrus philippinus
Indo-Pacific sergeantAbudefduf vaigiensis

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