Fish Species

Callionymida – Hawkfish

Hawkfish belong to the family of Cirrhitidae. The species of Hawkfish available in the aquarium trade consist of Cirrhitus, Oxycirrhitus, Neocirrhitus, Paracirrhites, and Amblycirrhites. They are found in tropical waters throughout the world, and are associated with coral reefs. Many Hawkish reach a size of three inches in an aquarium, [...]

Tropic Marine

Serranidae – Grouper

Groupers belong to the family of Serranidae. The most common genus of this family of fish found in the aquarium trade is Cephalopholis. Groupers belonging to the genera Variola, Cromileptes, and Grammistes. Many of the groupers grow very large (over 12 inches) in an aquarium and frequently outgrow the average-sized [...]

Fish Species

Gobiidae – Gobies Dartfish

Gobies belong to the Gobiidae family. Gobies make up the largest family of marine fishes. The families Microdesmidae (Firefishes), Callionymidae (Mandarins), Opistognathidae (Jawfish), and Malacanthidae (Tilefish) are often included in the group of fish called gobies. Although these families are not Gobies, they are close relatives which have similar characteristics [...]

Fish Species

Pomacentridae – Damselfish, Anemonefish

Damselfish belongs to the Pomacentridae family. Most available fish belong to one of the following genera: Abudefduf, Dascyllus, Chromis, Chrysiptera, Paraglyphidon, Pomacentrus, and Stegastes. They are closely related to Clownfish, which are also a member of the Pomacentridae family. Damselfish are found throughout the world, and are almost always associated [...]