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Tropic Marine

About Tropic Marine
Tropic Marine is a trading division of Tropic X Maldives Private Limited which is incorporated in the Maldives.  Main activities of Tropic Marine include exporting tropical marine fish to international whole sellers and aquarium businesses.
With over 15 years of experience in marine aquarium fish export Ali Shiyaz (scuba diver himself) with his family members established the aquarium facility in Gulhi with just few holding tanks in 2003.

Tropic Marine was merged with Tropic X Maldives in 2005 and now we operate one of the well established and managed marine aquarium fish export facilities in the Maldives.
In the beginning of 2011 we also acquired lease of a new purpose built aquarium facility in Gulhi. This enabled us to increase our holding capacity by three fold.
We export wide varieties of marine tropical fish to countries in Asia, America and Europe. We have business relationships with clients from Canada, Japan, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea etc...

Safety of workforce
Our dedicated team of divers include some of the very experienced scuba and skin divers in the country. Most of our employees come from the local islands of Gulhi and Maafushi Male’ atoll, Maldives.

We understand that scuba diving is a risky activity. Scuba divers employed by the Tropic Marine holds dive certification and comply with established scuba diving safety requirements and standards. Our dive equipments are tested regularly to maintain safety standard.  We are proud and fortunate to maintain an excellent safety record till date.

Social responsibility
Tropic Marine’s philosophy is based on sustainable method of catching or harvesting fish by traditional means using hand nets.

In the Maldives it is illegal to use harmful methods (such as use of cyanide or chemicals) to harvest or catch marine fish as used in some parts of the world.

The fish that we supply are individually caught making sure that unnecessary stress is minimised. The species we supply breed frequently and multiply in a shorter period of time. We also have a self imposed guideline not to harvest or catch certain species and sizes during the breeding season.

Tropic Marine understands that we have social responsibility to look after our fish stock so it will be there for generations to enjoy, benefit, coexist and earn a living.

We only hold limited prior stock of certain species of fish in our tanks. This is to avoid unnecessary casualty among fish when they are held in the holding facility for an order to be made by a customer.

We mainly collect bulk of the fish for actual existing orders, once the customer makes a firm order.

Should you have queries regarding our business please email to us at


Registered office:
Tropic Marine (a Division of Tropic X Maldives Private Limited)
Tropic X Maldives Private Limited
Chaandhanee House, Gulhi
Malé Atoll, Maldives
Tel: (+960) 777 6483
Fax: (+960) 333 2511


Angel Fish
Anthias / Basslet
Damselfish / Anemonefish
Gobies / Dartfish
Lionfish / Scorpionfish
Squirrelfish / Soldierfish
Surgeonfishes / Tangs




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