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Callionymida - Hawkfish Maldives Aquarium Fish Exporter
Callionymida - Hawkfish
  Common Name Scientific Name
Spotted Hawkfish, Coral hawkfish
Spotted Hawkfish, Coral hawkfish Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
Longnose hawkfish
Longnose hawkfish Oxycirrhites typus
Blackside hawkfish , Foster's Hawkfish
Blackside hawkfish , Foster's Hawkfish Paracirrhites forsteri
TArc Eye Hawkfish
Arc Eye Hawkfish Paracirrhites arcatus


Hawkfish belong to the Cirrhitidae family. The genera of Hawkfish available in the aquarium trade consist of Cirrhitus, Oxycirrhitus, Neocirrhitus, Paracirrhites, and Amblycirrhites. Hawkfish are found in tropical waters throughout the world, and are almost always associated with coral reefs. Most Hawkfish reach a size of three inches in an aquarium, and the largest member of the family reaches an adult size of over 20 inches in the wild. Hawkfish are closely related to Morwongs. Most Hawkfish have cirri, or hairs on the tips of their dorsal (top) fins, and also behind their nostrils.
Hawkfish get their name from their hunting techniques, which are similar to a hawk. The fish will rest atop the highest point on the coral reef, waiting for suitable prey to appear. The fish will then dive down to capture prey. They consume plankton, crustaceans, and small fish in the wild.

Hawkfish are hardy aquarium specimens that adjust well to life in an aquarium. Hawkfish can do well in reef aquariums, although they will eat smaller shrimp and fish. A well-sealed lid and adequate hiding places are required to maintain these fish in an aquarium. In most cases, only one Hawkfish can be kept per tank, unless the aquarium is extremely large.

These fish are found in small harems or in pairs. No distinguishing characteristics differentiate males from females, and the breeding of these fish in an aquarium is extremely difficult.. Source:


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