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Pomacanthidae - Angel Fish Maldives Aquarium Fish Exporter
Pomacanthidae - Angel Fish
  Common Name Scientific Name
Threespot Angel Fish
Threespot Angel fish Apolemichthys trimaculatus   
Threespot Angel Fish
Bluefin Angelfish/Many Spined Angelfish Centropyge multipispinis     
Threespot Angel Fish
Emperor Angel fish ( Juvenile ) Pomacanthus imperator    
Threespot Angel Fish
Emperor Angel fish ( Adult ) Pomacanthus imperator 
Threespot Angel Fish
Blueface Angelfish (Juvenile) Pomacanthus xanthometopon
Threespot Angel Fish
Blueface Angelfish (Adult) Pomacanthus xanthometopon 
Threespot Angel Fish
Regal Angelfish (Juvenile) Pygoplites diacanthus   
Threespot Angel Fish
Regal Angelfish (Adult) Pygoplites diacanthus  
Threespot Angel Fish
Smoke Angelfish Apolemichthys xanthurus   
Threespot Angel Fish
Hybrid Angelfish Apolemichthys armitagei  
Threespot Angel Fish
Damsel Angelfish Centropyge flavicauda 
Threespot Angel Fish
Moonbeam Angelfish Centropyge flavipectoralis       
Threespot Angel Fish
Indian Cherup Angelfish Centropyge acanthops
Threespot Angel Fish
Cherub Angelfish Centropyge argi  


Pomacanthidae - Angel Fish is found in tropical Atlantic, Indian, and (mainly western) Pacific. Strongly compressed body. Angle of preopercle with a strong spine. Three spines in anal fin. Many species have an elongate extension on hind margin of soft dorsal and anal fins. Caudal fin rounded to strongly lunate with 15 branched rays. Vertebrae 24 (10+14). Striking coloration, markedly different between juveniles and adults of many species. In shallow waters of less than 20 m deep, very seldom below 50 m; generally near coral reefs. All species studied to date are protogynous hermaphrodites with 'haremic' social system. Pelagic spawners. Species of Centropyge feed primarily on filamentous algae and species of Genicanthus feed primarily on zooplankton; most others feed on sponges, invertebrates, algae and fish eggs. Most species do well in the aquarium, but some food specialists are difficult to maintain. Poma- = operculum, acanth- (gr.) = spine. Three basic feeding styles: predation on sessile invertebrates, herbivory and planktivory (Ref. 38503).        
Angel Fish
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